Designed and built with functionality and long life in mind

Our raised run dog kennels are made with materials and products of the highest quality available. We all know good materials last, cheap materials don’t! We know this from our own experiences!

Some of the many benefits of our Raised Run Dog Kennels are ...

  • The raised floor gets dogs out of the dirt and cold, as well as keeping them elevated and away from snakes, this makes for a healthier and safer dog.
  • Gets dogs out of the dirt, away from fleas, mud, faeces etc.
  • Keeps dogs away from snakes and prevents dogs from attacking snakes.
  • Keeps bitches safe from unwanted sires.
  • Dogs can’t escape and predators can’t get in, which gives you lots of peace of mind particularly when you are not around.
  • Our kennels provide protection from the extremes of sun, wind and rain, whether it be winter or summer.  Kennels have been designed as a stand-alone unit and whilst further shading by trees or sheds is a good idea it is not essential.
  • Being off the ground creates more ventilation under the kennel.
  • Dogs are happy and content in raised runs (they still require adequate daily exercise) as opposed to larger areas where they can be prone to running around a lot and developing bad habits.
  • Our kennels are portable
  • Arguably the best way to keep a dog healthy and safe, as proven and recommended by Australia’s top kelpie breeders, trainers and owners.

Proudly Australian made

  • The steel we use is all Australian made, and we select the steel tube that has the thickest galv coating (the thicker the galv the longer it takes to rust). 

  • The galv tubing is either One Steel ‘supa galv’ or Orrcon  ‘all galv’, the mesh is One Steel wire made into mesh by ACE WIRE, and the sheet-metal and roof cladding is Bluescope. 

  • The dog room floors are made from Australian made hardwood formply. The screws are predominately buildex (the only manufacturer of tek screws in Australia)

  • The timber is ‘LOSP’ treated pine decking from New Zealand, because although it’s dearer the quality is very high, and it is virtually knot free which all means longer life.